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    Automate marketing and customer service

    Automate marketing and customer service

    Discover up to 6 innovative tools to bring Your customers together in a single place and then ensure: sales, promotion, and efficient service.

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    • All in one place
    • Quick integration and easy navigation
    • 24/7 support
    One platform. Multiple functions. Complete assistance

    Attract, engage, and keep Your clients

    Whether Your customer is looking for a quick answer to a question, comprehensive support in the form of a video appointment or wishes to make a smooth payment for an online purchase. Chater will ensure that they are attended to promptly and professionally, while you and Your staff focus on what really matters.

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    What is Chater?

    Chater is a modern and multifunctional platform – combining features formerly reserved only for several standalone tools.

    From now on, you do not have to sign multiple contracts, install, and then learn how to use different platforms, let alone pay many times more for their use.

    Thanks to Chater You will find everything in one place. You will streamline processes, ensure service, reduce customer churn and, above all, increase Your profits.

    What does Chater help you with?

    Improve results and meet sales targets

    • Increased sales

      Increase customer engagement and sales conversions, through multi-channel engagement – chat, email, phone, SMS, WhatsApp, FB

    • Valuable analytical data

      Understand Your visitors’ needs. Track site visits and fully grasp the needs of Your users.

    • Marketing automation

      Reach more customers with planned scheduling sequences.

    Nurture good relations and client satisfaction

    • Instant user support

      Provide immediate support – available 24/7.

    • Swift processing of each enquiry

      Expedite the initial as well as subsequent contact between a client and Your firm.

    • Lower expenses

      Decrease service costs through a number of automations.

    Support promotion of Your firm

    • Full personalisation

      Tailor communications with simple and efficient automation.

    • Client segmentation

      Determine target groups based on attributes and behaviours, to send personalised e-mails.

    • Promotions and offers

      Organise promotional campaigns, distribute discount codes and carry out other marketing activities.

    How to get started with Chater?

    You are only 3 steps away from using the newest technological solutions. Check out how easy it is to implement our tools.

    • Step 1

      Test it for 14 days for free

      Register and try it out with no obligations.

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    • Step 2

      Tailor to you and Your business

      Configure Your own service bundle.

      Customize your bundle
    • Step 3

      Receive free assistance

      Get help straight from experienced consultants.

    How does it work?

    Automate work. Save time. Lower costs.

    Your next customer is currently on the website.

    Make use of our tools and talk to us.

    • Select

      Decide which tools will work for Your business. You can choose as many as you like – 1, 2, 3 or even all of them.

    • Install

      Download a special integration code and insert it into Your website or e-shop. If you don’t know how – write or call us – we will help you

    • Use

      Use Chater’s extensive capabilities to help Your customers, reduce corporate costs and improve Your overall financial performance.


    Case studies

    Learn about the successes of our clients

    • 12%

      Increase customer satisfaction on

      Live chat widget decreased answer time and increased consultants performance.

    • 20%

      Increase amount of daily calls on

      By providing professional and quick support during the purchasing process.

    • 80%

      Increase of returning customers of

      Thanks to the automatized reservations process, more customers tend to return for more services.

    • 85%

      Increase of handled cases of

      With fast and efficient service provided in real time.

    More than 25 000 customers trust our company