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    Online e-calendar for scheduling appointments and work planning

    Accept client bookings, manage Your firm's operations, and maintain effective communication with Your recipients. Choose a combination of a calendar and CRM.

    Accept client bookings, manage Your firm’s operations, and maintain effective communication with Your recipients.

    Choose a tool that combines a modern calendar with an intuitive CRM system.

    E-calendar will allow you to automate the process of scheduling appointments, setting up events and notifications and even sending emails and SMS.


    • 0 PLN trial period

      Test  e-calendar in Your firm and discover its capabilities.

    • Easy implementation and integration

      Register on our platform and invite Your employees to collaborate with us.

    • Versatile automation

      Gain access from any device and free Yourself of repetitive and monotonous tasks.

    • Less needless paperwork

      Get the most important things done online – without the need to keep a paper calendar and physical notes.


    E-calendar – what is it?

    Sheets of paper, notebooks, emails, SMS, and many, many more. If Your company’s communication system has up until now been based on these, you are certainly well aware of their drawbacks and, above all, how difficult it is to keep such chaos under control. It only takes a moment of inattention for a note or a client’s booking to get “misplaced” somewhere and consequently put you at risk of considerable operational problems.

    But this “scattering” of information carries far more risks. By using multiple, often unrelated, channels, you begin to lose control of what is happening in Your firm. A lot of time is spent searching and gathering information, and not only the quality of communication but, above all, productivity is affected.

    If you want to avoid this, bring order once and for all and finally focus on what matters most to Your business? It seems like online e-calendar is just the thing for you.

    Organise Your firm's workflow - no matter the size of Your workforce or the number of clients you cater to

    E-calendar is an effective time, task and appointment management tool that is suitable for freelancers, small service companies as well as medium and large enterprises.

    Just like Your own virtual receptionist, it will be responsible for accepting bookings, notifying you about upcoming meetings, as well as proving itself as a marketing tool (for sending emails and SMS messages). And all this without any time constraints – 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.


    In what areas will this tool be useful?

    • More customers signed up

      From now on, Your clients do not need to make a phone call or send an e-mail to schedule an appointment. Just share Your online calendar with them and they can choose and book a convenient date and time.

      This will considerably simplify their decision to take up Your offer and, in addition – contribute to a significant increase in Your sales.

    • More time for the actually important matters

      Online e-calendar will also become of considerable assistance to Your personnel. Most of the repeatable tasks will be automated, which means that from now on Your staff will be able to focus on what brings you real profits.

    • Automatic reminders

      Every month many companies lose tens or even hundreds of thousands of zlotys just because their clients simply forget about their appointments.

      With an online e-calendar, you will significantly reduce this risk. And all thanks to the fact that the tool will fully automatically schedule and send Your customers the appropriate notification about the upcoming appointment (SMS and e-mail).

    • Access from any location and device

      The online calendar was designed with comfort in mind – for both customers and employees. All data is securely stored in the cloud, so it can be accessed comfortably from smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktop devices alike.

    • Full comfort and flexibility

      The tool offers the convenient option of adjusting the individual displays to meet individual needs. This means that each user can set the calendar layout as they wish – in a daily, weekly, or even monthly version.

    • Effective work management

      E-calendar is a ‘nod’ to Your clients, as well as a significant convenience for the employees and managers of Your firm. With its use, You can create group events, freely import and export customer databases and flexibly determine work schedules (including holidays and days off).

    • Building a customer base

      In addition to the virtual appointment scheduler and appointment booking tool, the e-calendar also features a sophisticated CRM system.

      It will enable You to securely collect, administer and, most importantly, regularly expand Your contact information.

    • An effective way of promoting Your brand

      The built-in email and SMS feature will allow You to communicate with Your customers quickly and efficiently. You’ll use it i.a. to host events, pass on information about scheduled appointments, as well as to run real advertising campaigns that will increase Your reach and translate into a viable increase in sales.


    Meet the expectations of Your customers and employees

    Provide them with a cutting-edge tool that will automate many processes, reduce wasted time and money, and above all – improve the user experience and convenience when using Your services.

    See how easy it is.

    • Step 1


      Insert the code into the website and provide Your customers with the ability to book appointments quickly.

    • Step 2


      Use features that will improve the flow of information as well as operational activities in Your firm.

    • Step 3


      Save time and focus on what matters most – growing Your business.


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