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    Callback for website and online shop

    Rely on the innovative callback tool to connect your users in just 26 seconds.

    Provide answers and service to users exactly when they need it. Rely on the innovative callback tool to connect with you in just 26 seconds.


    Try for free 14 days with no obligation.
    • 0 PLN for 2 weeks

      14 days for free. Test out callback in your firm and see its capabilities.

    • Intuitive and installation

      Insert the generated code into your site and the tool is immediately operational.

    • Increased sales

      Quick and efficient contact is the first step to gaining trust and then convincing the customer to purchase.

    • Full flexibility

      Callback can operate 24/7 or on designated days and hours. you decide!


    What is callback?

    You are in the middle of a purchase, but before you add the product to your shopping basket and press the magic “pay” button – you still want to ask some important questions. So you try to make a phone call, but the search for a contact number takes too long. Once you have found the number, it turns out that the line is busy.

    You try 1, 2, 3 times and still nothing. Eventually your patience runs out, you leave the shop and quickly start looking for the same product, but at a competitor.

    If you are shop owner and you start to notice that your sales are falling – it is likely that your clients are facing the exact same issues.

    So, instead of forcing them to make the calls “on their own” – make it easy for them and have it be you or your employees who call them.

    Surprise clients with an express phone call and shorten the response time to only the minimum necessary.

    Callback will save the phone number provided, receive essential permissions (RODO), and then fully automatically connect to your website users.

    By doing so, you will manage to reduce the risk of nerves and frustration, improve the experience of your brand and, most importantly – significantly improve your sales performance.


    How will it work for your firm?

    The overriding function of the callback is, of course, to enable efficient communication between Your company and the user of your website. An intuitive form will allow the number to be quickly stored and then – automatically – connected to the selected consultant. And everything in less than half a minute!

    Such a high standard of service will keep the customer happy and they will certainly come back to you more than once to shop again.

    The callback tool can be used as an efficient way of providing expert answers, but it will perform equally well in a role of an online retailer.

    During the conversation, you can suggest additional solutions to your clients, and thus – greatly increase the basket of their current purchases.

    Callback will also prove useful as a way of gathering valuable data about your customers. Through it, you can conduct surveys, collect information about problems and challenges, and analyse user behaviour.

    Consequently, knowledge obtained in this way can then be used to optimise purchasing and customer service processes, promotions, as well as in many other areas.


    React and respond to customer needs – quickly and automatically

    Your competitors are already “washing their hands with invisible soap” and waiting for recipients not to be serviced the right way with you. Therefore, do not let them wait too long or be compelled to search for answers on other websites.

    Find out how easy it is.

    • Step 1


      Insert the code on your website and conduct a quick configuration of the tool.

    • Step 2


      Let it run on the entire page or just selected subpages.

    • Step 3


      Call back within moments and respond to your customers’ enquiries in real time.

    Case studies

    Learn about the successes of our clients

    • 34%

      Sales increase on www websites

    • 45%

      Decrease of abandoned carts in e-shops

    • 82%

      Savings in services industry

    • 29%

      More positive reviews in social media