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    Live chat for www website and e-shop

    Provide customer service in real time - regardless of time or place

    Choose the cutting-edge live chat to quickly answer all Your customers’ enquiries and, when necessary, personally initiate a conversation that will convince them to purchase.

    Try for free 14 days with no obligations.
    • Free trial period

      14 days for free. Test live chat in Your company and explore its possibilities.

    • Swift integration

      All you have to do is insert a special code on the page and the tool immediately becomes operational.

    • Increased sales

      Traffic tracking, analytics, and specific action triggers, as well as live client viewing and many more features.

    • Improved effectiveness

      With the option to integrate with Facebook and other channels, from now on all customer correspondence will be available in just one place.


    Live chat – what is it?

    Imagine a situation where time is rushing by and you urgently need to buy a certain product. However, before you decide to add it to Your basket, there are still a few questions you want to ask the retailer. You try to call the phone number provided on the website, but unfortunately – no one answers. You send an e-mail, but after waiting 15 minutes, you have already lost faith that someone will give you a quick answer.

    So, what do you do in such a situation? Do you wait a little longer, or do you quickly head to another shop that also offers said products, and in addition – has an efficient service that will quickly resolve all Your concerns? Let us guess – you choose option number 2, right 😉?

    You should know that you are no exception. Nobody likes to be kept waiting in these situations – and neither do Your customers. If you want them to enjoy their visit to Your website and complete transactions as often as possible, then live chat is for you.

    Step onto the next level and serve Your customers as if they were visiting you in person - in a stationary shop

    Its implementation will provide Your client with a communication tool, making using Your website not only more comfortable and swift but also certainly more pleasant.

    In turn, you – will gain even more reasons to engage, foster positive impressions, establish trust and loyalty and, consequently, generate higher and higher sales 😊!


    What can the tool be used for?

    • More decisive clients

      A large proportion of people tend to make purchasing decisions based on emotion and influenced in the so-called ‘spur of the moment’. Responding quickly to their questions and solving their problems will increase the likelihood that they will leave their money with you.

      This is why live chat offers the perfect solution for all online shops – regardless of industry.

    • Increasing website user value

      Efficient communication between you and the customer will significantly reduce the number of people who leave Your site without taking specific action (e.g. adding to a basket or making a purchase).

      This, in turn, will translate into better utilisation of their potential and increase Your profits in real terms.

    • Automation of service and sales processes

      Live chat is equipped with options for tracking and ongoing analysis of service user behaviour.

      If necessary, it will engage in a conversation to help find the right product and subsequently – convince you to buy it.

    • Comfort, time, and money saving

      Your Live chat will allow you to quickly and easily integrate with other tools (Messenger, etc.), as well as export and import data into Your CRM.

      All of this will provide you with a single, convenient, and consistent communication platform, so that you can focus on what is most important – serving Your website users in a professional manner.

    • Assistance at hand

      Enough of the frustration and nerves associated with the strenuous search for information, or the perpetual wait for an email or telephone response.

      With live chat, Your website staff will always be there when Your clients need them. The tool will enable them to provide express and thorough answers to their enquiries.

    • Easy access to archived data

      Live chat also acts as an advanced repository that collects all Your customer communications. With its help, you can easily “go back” to previous conversations to analyse them in detail and respond even more precisely to the needs of Your audience.

    • Effective promotion of the products you care about

      In addition to traditional customer service, live chat can also become a fully-fledged marketing tool, which you can use to, i.a. suggest specific solutions, inform about promotional campaigns, as well as a range of other topics. Its possibilities are limited only by Your imagination!

    • Invaluable knowledge of Your audience's behaviour and preferences

      The built-in possibility to gather, analyse and process data will provide you with valuable information that you will be able to use to optimise Your promotion.

      They will prove useful for i.a. advertising campaigns, improving the operation and functionality of the website, and conducting a range of other activities.


    Be available to Your customers at all times

    Don’t let them have to wait or worse – their questions remain completely unanswered.

    Find out how easy it is.

    • Step 1


      Enter the code into Your website and the live chat will be up and running practically straight away.

    • Step 2


      In addition, integrate it with social media and schedule automatic actions.

    • Step 3


      Answer ongoing questions, initiate conversations, and nurture relationships with Your service users.


    Learn about the successes of our clients

    • 26%

      Sales increase in automotive idustry

    • 57%

      Decrease of abandoned carts in e-shops

    • 38%

      Savings in services industry

    • 29%

      More positive reviews in social media